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Graffiti on a hoarding next to Club in New Cross. Perhaps inevitably, Club —London's last remaining porn cinema—was raided by the Metropolitan Police and by Lewisham Council officials last week.

They burst into South London's temple of the sin at 1: A number of middle-aged males found inside and removed. London wives to fuck enquiries also taking place. The hapless wankers inside were allowed to leave with no arrests made, and remains open for business. The club's line is that the incident took place after unfounded reports of drug and alcohol sales were made.

The police, finding no evidence of anything of the sort, went away happy. No hard feelings, then. Certainly, if the cinema is able to evade further interference from fuvk boys in blue London wives to fuck it will be a blessing for members of London's swinging demimonde—like Vern, a polite guy in his late 40s who wears glasses and a homely blue pullover.

London wives to fuck

I chatted to him in the bowels of the the week before the raid, although it's kinda hard making polite conversation when you're talking to a man while woves a bunch of other guys bang his wife. She is lying on the floor in one of London wives to fuck private cubicles the venue offers. Lit only by a wank-flick called Uniform Fantasies, which London wives to fuck on the small HD screen above, she is at the center of three blokes, members primed and ready, waiting to receive her oral attention.

Another has sex with her, grunting and groaning London wives to fuck whole time. He finishes abruptly, then stands and buttons up his jeans. This is a wies cry from the glam swinging scene of Killing Kittens and Fever Partieswhich cater to sexy young couples and single girls.

Using online forums, Melissa and Vern advertise their presence London wives to fuck a wiives of venues around London at short notice, inviting lone guys and couples to come down and have fun with them. Clubwith its gloomy corridors and anonymous vibe, is just their kind of place. They've traveled here tonight all the way from Acton, after Vern finished his last job of the day on the garage forecourt where he works.

You know it's London wives to fuck be all guys coming down.

And Melissa likes to go through a lot of guys. Melissa, when not enjoying the attention of guys who aren't her husband, is a jovial, ebullient lady, her peroxide-blond fuvk luminous in the dark. She runs around in lingerie and black boots, a glass of whiskey in hand, yelling at anyone who will listen that it's a crying shame that venues London wives to fuck this are being closed down across London.

Vern is quieter and more reflective, choosing to enhance his enjoyment of his wife's shenanigans with the occasional sniff of amyl nitrate. Melissa and Vern have been married for 22 years and swinging for Vern seems to be enjoying the action, even shouting encouragement at his wife's various paramours, but I London wives to fuck whether he's really happy.

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We get tested and everything. When you're swinging, you've got to.

London wives to fuck

Even if you use a condom you still need to make sure everyone's safe," he says. But how does he feel watching random guys playing hide-the-sausage with his missus? Is it a turn-on? The wrong guy.

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We Londom London wives to fuck with another guy and it was perfect. Nice guy, down-to-earth, spoke to us—you know. And we liked him, so it was all right. It was a turn-on. I think that's why it was hard the first time. What if she enjoys the sex better and fucks off with another guy?

But it gets easier. But you take your chances.

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You're better off going as a couple, not a single guy, otherwise you'll look like a lemon on the first night. And if you don't know no one, you're not going London wives to fuck get nothing, like.

When you go Want mexican dude in Laramie county a woman, everyone speaks to each other and breaks the ice.

We ask, 'Do you speak to wjves other fudk So no wonder. It's communication. There's couples that look for single guys, and couples that look for couples.

You don't know that until you break the ice. And it's down London wives to fuck the single guy to break the ice, 'cause he'll get the pleasure of fucking someone else's wife. I was with her half an hour ago and my sleeve's still soaking. Just then another couple pass us in the gloom—an attractive young brunette in her 20s and her partner, a robust-looking guy with a shaved head. They walk into the main cinema room. I follow Angelina and her wies.

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They're in the back row with another guy. Angelina lies horizontally across them, ministering to them both. On screen, a new London wives to fuck plays, Twin Cheeks. Melissa, having finished up outside, wanders in to watch with Vern.

Vern looks proudly at his wife, smiling and nodding slowly as though someone has complimented her on her sporting prowess. Shortly, Angelina and her friends finish up and the night is over. Everyone shakes hands and promises to meet up again soon.

Serial cuckolding may not be for everyone, but for wievs London wives to fuck of Club it's all in a night's work. Now Vern and Melissa must make the drive back home across London. It may be a long way, but for them it's a godsend that venues like Club still exist.

Follow John Lucas on Twitter. Sign up for the best of VICE, delivered to your inbox daily. Vern has been watching his wife bang other men at London swinging parties for the past 15 years.

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