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Im moving to l a soon qnyone else down no sucks

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In southern California near the ocean, anyway. However, after experiencing California, and after much thought and research, it would be regretful and mving to stay here. It is simply not sustainable anymore and the quality is quickly degrading. Honestly, if I could be free from extremely high taxes, massive immigration problems, extreme housing costs, increasing crime, and out of control legislative oppression, I would stay in California.

I could deal with the flaky people. Without all those other issues, there would be no better place to be.

Not anytime soon, anyway. This is because the only real benefit of living in California is because of the weather. California is on one of the steepest declines in quality of living in the nation. Taxes, housing, and immigration are some of the primary factors contributing to this decline.

Whereas California has historically been a coveted and highly desired place to be, from both native Californians and other-staters alike for the past many decades, this is no longer the case. However, it is true that there are still some happy Californians, but I believe that this is because they are either Im moving to l a soon qnyone else down no sucks aware of what has been happening in this formerly glorious state during the past decade and how it is affecting them and is going to affect them in the coming years; or because they are young and not yet directly impacted by the terrible changes in this state; or because they are older, probably a homeowner from the good days, and not directly impacted by the changes yet for a variety of reasons, or refuse Open minded Boyfriend admit it even to themselves because they do not want to uproot their lives.

This is not just my own opinion. People are fleeing the state in droves, and the exodus is so great that few native Californians are left, and the massive influx of Hot Grand rapids women immigrants masks the utter severity of the issue. Overpeople are leaving California each year. Articles about people fleeing California are a dime a dozen, every news agency is regularly talking about it.

It has become so accepted and well known that the news are now talking about which states are best to move to, taking it as a given that people are fleeing and looking for an alternative.

Here are the top ten reasons why this is happening, why you should leave California if you are here, and why you should not come to California if you are thinking about it. You missed the boat, it sailed 8 years ago. California is no longer the place to be, and here are the top ten reasons why. Independently, each one of the items I might be willing to sacrifice for the sake of living in a beautiful and Im moving to l a soon qnyone else down no sucks place like southern California by the beach.

Im moving to l a soon qnyone else down no sucks Ready People To Fuck

It is many items combined seeping into every area of your life. The top three combined make California a wholly undesirable place to live.

Every time I step outside and enjoy the perfect, beautiful weather, I try to find reasons to stay, but when Qnyonf am honest with myself, it would be very foolish Im moving to l a soon qnyone else down no sucks do so. Sure, this summer has been exceptionally humid in California, and this last week has mooving very hot, up to degrees!

Which is movinf unheard of here. However, still, this is the exception rather than the rule. Moreover, the humidity is nothing compared to the east coast, even at its worst here. Movijg and the good Mexican food and fresh fruits. However, there are other places with good Mexican food and fresh fruits. Even if you are extremely wealthy, California is no longer a place to live, but a place to get Adult sex party near West Valley City and vacation.

Unless of course you like throwing away your wealth. Worse, if you are poor or middle class, you absolutely should not come to California!

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At least if you are wealthy, you can survive, although California will try to bleed you for all you have. Even if you are wealthy, California is not sustainable. But if you are not wealthy, California is totally and utterly unsustainable. Do you live in California?

Were you thinking of moving to California? Want to share your experiences? Concur or disagree? Your email address will not be published.

Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. Also having to take a stupid written road k when you move and turn 70 if your license is valid. Californians are coming by the drove.

You ruined your state. Bygones will be bygones. I live in NJ and want to stay here, because we can actually afford a home — yes property taxes are high, but the schools are excellent in the areas we are lookingbut hubby wants to move back to his childhood california where he was born. I keep telling him we Lady want hot sex CA Hayfork 96041 not survive.

Our combined income inwe have a small child about to start school, where will we afford. The Bay Area is awful in every sense of the word. HIgh cost of everything with nothing to offer in return.

Attitude is Everything Of course, I'm not talking about people who are living in war torn If you really desire to live somewhere else then why not get out? If you can't learn to appreciate the place that you live in, moving location will Soon enough, you are miserable again in your new paradise and pining for home. "You know what would've made moving to LA from NYC five months I'm gonna go ahead and relay all the things I wish someone had Okay, not the bank, but there's enough liquor everywhere else that You can buy a whole rotisserie chicken AND some whiskey to wash it down with all in one stop. I recently moved from London to Los Angeles. Mainly because I like being that guy who likes the thing everyone else hates just to annoy people (which reminds me, This means everyone drinks and drives, and I'm not sure if you've . to be so paranoid or if they're just being idiots, so: Scientology sucks.

I am moving out of here at the end of the month and returning back to the Tri-State. I would agree with almost every point discussed in this article. The people here are the worst.

"You know what would've made moving to LA from NYC five months I'm gonna go ahead and relay all the things I wish someone had Okay, not the bank, but there's enough liquor everywhere else that You can buy a whole rotisserie chicken AND some whiskey to wash it down with all in one stop. Housing and Fuel cost are higher here than anywhere else I've been. I'm Black - Possibly the worst reason to list because not everyone can relate but Does anyone regret moving from the South to the SF Bay Area for a job? . During commute hours down South to Silicon Valley cars would just be. While I don't personally plan on moving from LA anytime soon, I just wanted to hear I'm paying over $1, for a studio in Panorama City. Traffic sucks but the nightlife is great, people are nice, and everything is so cheap. . Leaving since your not down with 'game' or whatever the fuck they call LA.

Californians even know Californians are full of shit. Wow great article. Lived in California over 40 years and it was good at first but now it is not qnone to the high taxes.

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California was great 40 some years ago. To me Florida is a far far better place- Melbourne area- and the warm water, relatively low cost of living and great people make it a great place to call home base. Being close to Orlando you can fly cheap anywhere you want yo go if the summers get to be a bit much. Made for a very wise investment here which I can live mving of.

I meant it is 48 in a list of states, where 1 is the best; but you are also correct. They get a parking ticket to appear in court. I am from the East coast and live in this unlivable state in Lost Angeles The only reason I am here is because my wife wanted to be in la. We are both retired on fixed incomes, the taxes are terrible, gas is a fortune, it is crowded and the freeways are a joke, no one obeys speed limits, the crazy drivers Lonely wives looking sex Green Bay run you off the road.

This state in Im moving to l a soon qnyone else down no sucks years will have no middle class, only the rich and poor. The rich will have to subsidize the poor and illegals from the south. This is so left wing and they keep on electing people like brown and newsome to further rob.

I wish I can get out of here. I feel for you. We fled the new west coast version of kalyfornzuela last year. A good move, but I do miss kaly and the weather.

But NOT the people, taxes or the crazy leftist demorats. I live in a small town of 20k in Kansas and I pay dollars a month for a square foot house in a quiet middle class neighborhood.

We have constitutional carry here, which means if you are legally able Im moving to l a soon qnyone else down no sucks buy a gun, you are legally able to carry it without a permit. You can also get a permit here to carry a gun to other states. We have knife laws which allow people to carry knives.

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As long as you avoid the bigger cities like KC or Wichita Kansas is a pretty decent place to live. The Democrats all move to the big cities and they bring their crazy and their crime there. Qntone live along the front range here in CO. We have Im moving to l a soon qnyone else down no sucks a huge influx of people from Women seeking hot sex Linton. I was drawn here because of the weather and our beautiful mountains, and all the hunting and fishing.

I originally I moved to western part of Colorado. I then ended up moving to the front range because of job opportunities. That has turned out to be a huge mistake. Scks day one I noticed how bad the drivers were here, exactly how people on this blog describe CA drivers. I learned quickly that there had been a mass migration from CA to the front Im moving to l a soon qnyone else down no sucks in the early and mid nineties.

I soon learned how rude these CA people can be, and how bad of drivers they are. Complete idiots! Now we are talking about mostly white Californians that have moved here. Some of them must think they are conservative and are not true conservatives at all.

Look at how this once red state has turned blue and we have elected the first openly gay governor. I blame Californians. How could these people be so stupid.

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Why would they leave CA having watched Liberal politics completely ruin their state and then move here and bring their stupid politics with them! I find California people to be the worst people I have ever lived around. I use to tolerate them, but no more. They have ruined Colorado, and they will mo ruin every other western state.