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Looking Private Sex I wanna eat n fuck u silly

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I wanna eat n fuck u silly

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You don't put a smile on my face, you put anxiety in my heart. 54 RETIKED MAN LOOKING FOR FRIEND 54 RETIRED LOOKING FOR A FEMALE FRIEND TO HANG OUT WITH LOVE TO WORK OUT AND STAY FIT ENJOY GOOD ,OUT DOORS, FISHING, AUCTION AND SELLING ITEM AT THE FLEA MARKET. Trying to go out whenever looking as long as this post is up.

Age: 49
Relationship Status: Never Married
Seeking: I Am Searching Sexual Dating
City: Quebec
Hair: Brunette
Relation Type: Married Ladies Want Single Weman

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Top definition. Go fuck yourself unknown.

A colorful method of telling someone to either; a shut the fuck up b go the fuck away c go annoy the fuck out of someone else d an all inclusive phrase I wanna eat n fuck u silly general distaste which includes a-c as well. That way they will no longer bother you and you can get some peace h quiet without their pure bullshit spewing from their mouths. If one continues you to harass you after you say this, you legally have the right to make them discover what your fist tastes like.

They cannot sue you for any reason.

Latin origins of GO Fuck yourself: When someone tells you to go fuck yourselfthey are encouraging you to shove your penis up your own asshole sioly bending it backwards. Or, if you're a female, to grab the nearest phallic object s and penetrate your orifices repeatedly.

The connotation is that you'll probably enjoy it and will stop annoying everyone. Broke Ass: A command uttered usually after one has said something infuriating or offensive to you.

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Some people ask me why I curse so much. I respond to these people by asking them to go fuck themselves. To tell someone to go away or to just leave you alone or never talk to them ever again.

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Hey can i eat dinner at your house? A command for someone to get lost especially from the person that says itusually as a result of extreme annoyance.

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Literally it means for them to masturbate themselves, so they aren't inclined to harrass and receive wann pleasure from the person they are annoying. It's more stinging than "fuck off" because it implies that they could not or should not find anyone else to have sex with, so they need to use the self-manipulation.

Telling someone to go away 2. Telling someone to stop speaking, usually because they are making either negative or non-sensical comments.

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