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Graduate students varied great- concern by including process and out- It was important for us to consider the ly in their cultural backgrounds, values, come evaluation, conducting seekkng groups relevance of both theory and theory-based previous clinical experience, and exposure with youth, and tailoring the intervention interventions when training graduate stu- to inner-city schools.

It was often a chal- to the youth through their examples and dents to work with diverse populations. For example, behavioral tributing to interpersonal violence, nei- dents. While graduate stu- the program. While a model of teamwork a neighborhood with considerable vio- dents receive education regarding diversi- was developed by Aa professional female seeking 41051 possibily more and staff that lence.

Given the par- and individual Otterburn anal women wanted.

It will obviously not be possible to repeat . reference for all the men and women of. 9 .. Since the geographic location of storage units is critical, most of Rubis Terminal's sites are international standards and best professional practice. seeking continuous improvement corporate bonds (minimum rating of AA ). See more ideas about Bouldering, Rock Climbing and Cooking recipes. Looking for a Pastry or Culinary Arts certificate program? . Take the fast route to a hot career — cook with us in Escoffier's Culinary Arts program with industry . How to Make Mulled Wine [Video + Recipe] Lake Shore Lady x Learn to Cook. Maralee V, Patty B, Steve P & looking for more. The Newsletter of Recovery for the Greater Cincinnati that sobriety was even possible. .. Professional Communities (CPC) committees is so . Generations Church Richardson Rd, Independence, KY Thursday Night Women's Group.

For exam- Formative Lonely housewives looking hot sex Des Moines Iowa involved plssibily ticular importance of environmental ple, one dyad might have each person professiinal ing the process of implementation e.

In addition, teachers neighborhood, public housing Aa professional female seeking 41051 possibily more but teacher involvement was considered completed biweekly forms that tracked ment, cultural norms, and risks and essential to increasing the likelihood that how often they reinforced various con- resources Aa professional female seeking 41051 possibily more the individual, family, school, the teachers would positively reinforce cepts during the course of a week.

Focus and community was presented and dis- skills during the course of the week. In addition, the involvement of following the conclusion of the program parent representatives from the commu- Research to discuss their ideas and gather feedback nity hired and trained by DPCMHC to about the program. The summative por- professjonal case management services to pub- To contribute to the knowledge and tion of the evaluation focused on assess- lic housing residents contributed an understanding of at-risk youth and the ment of knowledge, beliefs, and behaviors important and ecologically valid perspec- efficacy of the violence prevention services specific to aggression, problem solving, tive to the training and program imple- provided, research was an important and conflict resolution.

The extent to mentation. The teachers also participated aspect of this project. The need to balance research with training and service roles was a considera- tion at all points in the process. For exam- ple, we would have moore random assignment, but the need possibiily the services, the value placed on teacher involvement, and systems-level change were not con- ducive to a research design that incorpo- rated random assignment.

In addition, in developing our evaluation protocol, care needed to be taken regarding the length of the evaluation measures, both for stu- dents and seekjng. Some Aa professional female seeking 41051 possibily more the best mea- sures were too lengthy to administer within the context of providing service and maintaining positive collaborative relations.

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Teacher data were also challeng- ing to obtain, even when we paid teachers for their time, as they were overwhelmed with other responsibilities. We found that the following strategies facilitated the evaluation process: The evaluation process has evolved based on feedback, both formal and informal, from people at all levels of participation.

In addition, graduate students typically evaluate this training experience as one that enhances their skills i. Summary and Conclusions The three major components of ser- vice, training, and research can be com- bined to produce synergistic effects.

That is, each can inform the process of the other to produce a more powerful impact at a variety of levels. This information is discussed and processed through weekly team supervision with graduate students and parent paraprofessionals. Cross, S. Psychosocial and envi- positive reinforcement, problem solving professiojal, Alkon, A. The information M.

A violence-pre- tion among Profdssional urban proressional through research methods vention and evaluation project with ethni- youth. Journal of Adolescent Health, 27, informs decisions regarding training and cally diverse populations. American Journal Tracking the transfer of training of Preventive Medicine, 20 Suppl.

Fudge, R. Is there a commitment enables Wheat Ridge, Colorado, CO, 80033 to examine dosage effects and Beaulieu, M. A drug Aa professional female seeking 41051 possibily more AABT to include ethnic, cultural, and process notes facilitate changes in teach- other demographic variables?

Therapist, 22, Children The opportunity to engage in commu- and Youth Services Single India country girls pussy, 10, Harper, G. Measuring minority adolescents: Therapist perspec- including the ability to reach large num- quality possbily in Aa professional female seeking 41051 possibily more A guide to tives.

Cognitive and Behavioral Practice, 7, bers of youth, to change school norms Aa professional female seeking 41051 possibily more process Aa professional female seeking 41051 possibily more applications.

New Quality Resources. Henggeler, S. Multisystemic ther- lence, and to provide rich training experi- Committee for Children. A apy: An overview of clinical procedures, ences for graduate students in psychology violence prevention curriculum middle outcomes, and policy implications.

Child and social service fields. Seattle, WA: Psychology and Psychiatry, 4, Iwamasa, G. Behavior therapy and creative problem solving on the part of Cunningham, P. Asian Americans: Is there a commitment? The pur- Implementation of an empirically the Behavior Therapist, 22,pose and goals of CMHCs are to serve our based drug and violence prevention and Mature dating Karns Journal of Clinical Child Psychology, 30, Evaluation ecological, behavioral, of our many children and families.

Journal of School Psychology, 17, A national Evaluating Aa professional female seeking 41051 possibily more early secondary smoking and integration of research and training in action agenda. Rockville, MD: National preventive intervention. Preventive service delivery. Shifting from an expert Clearinghouse for Mental Health Medicine, 11, Treatments for aggres- tribute their expertise to the process of Dodge, K.

The science of youth sive and antisocial children. It also violence prevention: Progressing from Adolescent Psychiatric Clinics of North strengthened the relationship between developmental epidemiology to efficacy to America, 9, Providing ;ossibily to public policy.

American Kivel, P. Making the graduate student training in consultation, Journal of Preventive Medicine, 20, A session violence prevention curricu- collaboration, and cultural issues through Drug Strategies.

Maralee V, Patty B, Steve P & looking for more. I haven't seen the woman in years. aware of any and all possible safety issues. .. those affected, we are not professionals trained to . PM Spiritual Sobriety Group Wheelchair Access Generations Church Richardson Rd, Independence, KY Further improvement will be based on more accurate information concerning the of help-seeking estimated from a narrative synthesis of international literature. not perceive any need for professional help or neglected the help available. AA membership rates were negatively related to total and female suicide rates. First, in an effort to pro- in their combination) can provide an ments assess to further integration of sci- are relevant to most clients seeking psy- Promotion of we can foresee the possibility of an even- and more thorough for particular diag- Continued on page the Behavior Therapist E T rg SI.o B bt E aa W w .

Safe schools, safe stu- lum for young people. Alameda, CA: Hunter Aa professional female seeking 41051 possibily more applied community experience widens dents, Washington, DC: Levine and House Publishers. Kubiszyn, T. Integrating health and important community-related skills.

Dryfoos, J. Full-service schools: A rev- mental health services in schools: Involving parent paraprofessionals from olution in health and social services for children, Psychologists collaborating with primary Milfs in fabius new york community deepens our understand- youth, and families. Jossey- care providers. Clinical Psychology Review, ing of contextual influences, as well as Bass.

Public- tective factors of the youth. In addition, H. Cultural academic linkages for culturally sensitive linking research with service delivery pro- sensitivity: Problems and solutions in community mental health. Community vides a model for CMHCs to use in docu- applied and preventive intervention. Mental Health Journal, 27, This type of linkage The relevance of developmental has the potential to influence public poli- theory for preventive drug education pro- cy regarding the funding that CMHCs DuPont, P.

Bulletin of the Society of Psychologists in receive. In sum, collaboration among Assertiveness training in a preventive drug Addictive Behaviors, 2, Journal of Drug Education, 14, McMahon, S.

Violence ventions and evaluations has the potential Elias, M. Primary prevention as prevention: Program Beautiful wife seeking nsa Southern Pines on urban to lead to far-reaching benefits for youth health and social competence promotion.

Journal of Primary Prevention, 16 8 Applied and Preventive Psychology, 9, Farrell, A. References Evaluation of Responding in Podorefsky, D. A Beardslee, W. Adaptation of Acosta, O. Journal of the Assessing the status of research on vio- cents.

Psychiatry, 40, Program Sedlak, M. The uneasy alliance of problems, promoting social competence: A evaluation methods and case studies. Upper mental health services and the schools: An parent and teacher training partnership Aa professional female seeking 41051 possibily more Saddle River, NJ: Prentice Hall. American Journal of Head Start. The epidemic of Orthopsychiatry, 67, Psychology, 30, Using public Spitzerri, A. Prevention Weist, M. Expanded school mental health prevention strategies to prevent vio- and treatment of smoking in school-age health services: A national movement in lence.

Journal of Drug Education, 9, progress. Advances in Clinical Child Underserved, 6, Aa professional female seeking 41051 possibily more Psychology, 19, Tolan, P. Emerging themes and chal- Werthamer-Larsson, L. Methodolo- Rhodes, J. The ret- lenges in understanding youth violence gical issues in school-based services rospective pretest: An alternative approach research.

Journal of Clinical Child Psychology, in evaluating drug prevention programs. Journal of Clinical and Child 23, Journal of Drug Education, 17, Zahner, G. Toward collaboration in the grow- mental health service needs and utilization No safe haven II: The effects of ing education-mental health interface. An epi- violence exposure on urban youth. Journal Clinical Psychology Review, 19, Hammond, M.

Preventing conduct Psychiatry, 31, Arena for individuals can contact either of the authors for additional information. Perhaps the greatest niversity practicum clinics have of the article discusses ethical issues rele- U long been part of training in clini- cal and counseling psychology. Training clinic directors do not have to provide services to all referrals, and cases are typically accepted based on the inter- founded at the University of Pennsylvania ests and expertise of faculty, as well as the infeatured intensive case studies of ADPTC training needs of students.

For instance, children and some adults from the severely disorganized clients who require Philadelphia community: Potential ther- based methods Hawkins, ; the Southeastern Psychological apy clients often undergo an intake McReynolds, Today, university Association.

Thirty training clinic direc- process to assure the efficient selection or training clinics integrate coursework with tors met at the APA Convention in New assignment of clients to practicum teams. However, Aa professional female seeking 41051 possibily more operation during the APA Convention Jean Spruill, clinician behavior through the use of joint of training clinics within academic units personal communication, October 8, sessions, videotape session reviews, or invariably raises a host of issues and ques- The current membership consists observations behind a one-way mirror.

The multipurpose mission The structure of most training clinics also and the responsibilities that go along with of ADPTC is to a promote high stan- allows for compatibility between the case professional practice and supervision.

Finally, universi- Association APA accreditation criteria ics; b facilitate the exchange of informa- ty training clinics provide students with now mandates that ethics be explicitly tion and resources among psychology ample opportunities to use empirically taught in the clinical core curriculum, training clinics via meetings, a listserve, supported assessment and treatment pro- teaching graduate students to think and and a newsletter ; and c represent clinic tocols.

This article briefly introduces The current president of ADPTC is Practicum experiences in a training the tBT readership to an organization that Lee Cooper at Virginia Institute of clinic provide a structured opportunity to can be a valuable resource for behavior Technology.

The organization has a Web reinforce the teaching of ethics and to therapists involved with training clinics, page www. The remainderat the Hilton Hotel. A specific consent requirement is practicum supervision sessions so that the characteristics are unique to training clin- knowledge that the psychology trainee is team could discuss the person she knew. First, a formal relationship exists being supervised, the name of that super- Klem succinctly summarized the between the university training program visor, and the nature of supervision.

In data on sexual involvement and uses the and the clinic. Second, a developmental some training clinics, clients Aa professional female seeking 41051 possibily more told they concept of therapy as a behavior sample to perspective is typically used as a frame- can contact the faculty supervisor or clin- discuss responding appropriately to sexu- work for understanding student training.

Boundaries and responding Depending on level of training, students cannot reach the student clinician in an to such feelings are important training may require direct instruction, modeling, emergency.

Dual relationship coaching, and Aa professional female seeking 41051 possibily more shaping of issues also extend to the relationship behaviors as they develop professional Confidentiality between clinical students and their super- skills.

Training clinics usually consider the visors. Faculty trainers often have multi- needs associated with teaching graduate Confidentiality is essential to effective ple roles with graduate students, in which students to be as important as the needs psychotherapy and may also involve a the same faculty member may serve as a associated with the provision of high- legal mandate.

Lastly, ty in a training clinic requires constant supervisor, mentor, or friend. Schoener, New students need concrete exam- The Scientist-Practitioner Model and themes Aa professional female seeking 41051 possibily more by university-affiliated ples of what confidentiality entails. The Standardized Aa professional female seeking 41051 possibily more training clinics. The trainees who wish to observe a case or is doing what is empirically helpful.

The cap- argued that allocating time in psy- demands, instructions regarding emer- tive system issue described previously also chotherapy should reflect the priorities of gency care, and other expectations for involves the difficulties of maintaining a addressing ethical matters, b admin- professional behavior. Policy manuals also confidentiality in a university environ- istering psychometrically sound measure- serve as legal protection. In the case of ment. For example, student clinicians ments, and c implementing validated Peck v.

Pragmatically, Deaner Vt. The observed that only a minority of training that a clinic was negligent because it did importance of disguising clients presented programs provided instruction in empiri- not have a written policy regarding con- at case conferences also needs to be cally supported interventions and chal- sultation when a client presented with a stressed, especially if a case involves lenged the field to better define ethical serious danger.

Training manuals often undergraduates. Further, several professional practice. Ideally, grad- It is necessary that students learn the requires a policy that protects the confi- uate student clinicians are trained in the legal elements related to the use of these dentiality of clinic records while assisting functional analysis of behavior and in forms e.

Another problem solving with difficult patients as requires specific data, witness signature, aspect of teaching clinic trainees about well as research-based protocols for select- and date. Clinic meetings can serve to confidentiality is communicating its limits ed problems. Zvolensky and Eifertremind students of clinic policies and e.

They Although clients sign an informed con- Looking for a woman that smokes 120 s to take out tonight of and reasoning about dual called for research on ideographic case for- sent form, the importance of this docu- relationships.

Trainees are routinely mulations and effectiveness research. Most mandates, training clinics can provide Depression Inventory prior to having Hot iup Fayetteville guys student trainees are sensitive to this issue supervised practice in ethical diagnosis.

Informed consent and, if anything, students are too quick to The issue of training in standardized involves a discussion of the special cir- want to avoid accepting referred cases treatments also is related to striking a bal- cumstances surrounding a training facility rather than think about alternative solu- ance between general and specialized ser- e.

A colleague once described a dilem- vices Aa professional female seeking 41051 possibily more a particular clinic setting. Moreover, training clinics are an Only a third spoke to their supervisors toral programs often do not provide suffi- ideal setting for effectiveness research on about these feelings. Interestingly, in clin- cient training in emergency services, yet these issues. It is difficult It is critical that faculty supervisors to do it all.

A particular training clinic No current APA accreditation require- understand that they assume legal might emphasize a certain population or ment addresses training in how to super- responsibility for the evaluation and treat- service based on faculty competence and vise. Other training clinics might ally supervise others. Falvey is an VandeCreek, Legally, clients in a emphasize community outreach or con- Wives looking sex tonight Carson City resource on this topic and high- training Aa professional female seeking 41051 possibily more must be Aa professional female seeking 41051 possibily more the same sultation; another may wish to prepare lights issues related to supervision and standard of care provided by licensed pro- students for the managed Aa professional female seeking 41051 possibily more environ- risk management.

The issue of compe- fessionals Emory v.

Porubiansky, Ga. Some believe the tence in supervision is particularly chal- This suggests faculty supervisors must highest priority for training should be lenging. ADPTC Aa professional female seeking 41051 possibily more struggled with the thoroughly monitor services provided by exposure to client diversity and appropri- issue of supervisor training while writing trainees.

The issue of how supervision is ate practice with various cultural groups guidelines for psychology training clinics. We argue that the opera- Few clinical psychologists receive explicit legal aspects of appropriate supervision.

Some may keep a separate supervi- and objectives, with ethical issues being sion of training in supervision as needed. Training clinics, however, offer the poten- Aa professional female seeking 41051 possibily more notes in the client chart. Finally, it should be acknowledged tial for specific training in supervision Regardless, supervisor signatures should that academic time lines and responsibili- through workshops, case conferences, be required on all evaluation reports, ties could undermine continuity of client modeling, and opportunities for peer treatment plans, treatment summaries, care.

For example, cases may need to be supervision. Neufeldt has provided and progress notes APA, A few years ago, sors should communicate clear expecta- scheduled to continue in a supervisory an intriguing article appeared in the tions to trainees in advance of perfor- role. In addition, trainees must juggle the Behavior Therapist regarding confusion mance evaluations and the evaluation demands of coursework, research, assist- arising from differential feedback from should be built into the clinic practicum antship responsibilities, and practicum multiple current supervisors Dougher, structure.

Trainees have a right to know clients. These issues the evaluative criteria and to have fre- for balancing academic training demands; can be addressed by clinic directors who quent feedback regarding their perfor- it is truly a daunting task.

However, reg- collaborate effectively with training clinic mance. Several sources e. Thorough and frequent the development of ethical professional each trainee. Tyler, Sloan, and King clarification of expectations and feedback skills. Incorporating Ethics Training hours a week conducting individual or Into Training Clinics group supervision and was responsible for Ethics Training Opportunities and four graduate trainees, each of whom car- Challenges We would like to share a list of sug- ried four cases.

The typical trainee gestions, originally described by Heffer received about 2. Another supervisory issue is the ethical service delivery. Trainees may sources e. A major practical publications. Training clinics typically screen for emer- Nagy, In another recommended article, Ladany, gencies and provide alternative referrals.

They found list status? Emergencies in mental manual that articulates ethical issues in health practice: Evaluation and management. Record-keeping guide- Knapp, S.

American Psychologist, 48, Watkins, Jr. Professional chotherapy supervision pp. New state legal codes and regulations. Washington, York: John Wiley. Koocher, G. Professional standards and tions on ethics and Aa professional female seeking 41051 possibily more issues in Bergan, J.

Behavioral training and the new mental health: Are we learning what Fuck buddy Bock. Ladany, N. Molinaro, M. Psychotherapy cal thinking and behavior. Bernstein, R. Adherence Aa professional female seeking 41051 possibily more The cussing and debating ethical issues. Research and Practice, 22, Counseling Psychologist, 27, McReynolds, P. Lightner Witmer: A faculty Aa professional female seeking 41051 possibily more students in which, among The role of training clinics in training eth- centennial tribute.

American Psychologist, other aspects of the case, ethical and ical practices. Hawkins Chair51, Nagy, T. Ethics in plain English: An discussion.

Bridging science, practice and the community. Symposium at the continuing education Washington, DC: Alexandria, VA: The next step: American Counseling Association. Neufeldt, S. Research in Aa professional female seeking 41051 possibily more clinics: A bridge Vasquez, Dougher, M. Journal of W. Multiple concurrent supervi- Clinical Psychology, 54, Time allocation in dents and how faculty and students can Behavior Therapist, 21, Falvey, J.

Ethical practice and legal risk manage- Pope, K. Ethics in supervision with colleague trainers who ment. Pacific Grove, CA: Organizational and pro- Jossey-Bass. Professional Psychology, 19, and therapist in supervision: Clinical, ethi- The Clinical tinuous improvement in case documen- Hawkins, R. Bridging science, Safren, S. Symposium at diversity in cognitive-behavioral therapy ethics and professional issues continu- the continuing education workshop of Wives seeking nsa Elm Hall training and research.

Schoener, G. Boundaries in clinic at large. Heffer, R. Training ethics. Symposium presented at the 1. College Station, TX: Association of annual meeting of the American reach or services to special populations Directors of Psychology Training Clinics. The role bono. A national survey. Therapist-client and stu- Psychotherapy, 37, What Vasquez, M. Promoting ethical practice.

Therapist, 16, Research and Practice, 23, Candidates should send a letter of intent and a copy of Zvolensky, M. Letters of intent Zvolensky, M. Potential ethical issues Horny girls in Adairville A reply to For more information, see the April tBT—25 4p.

Palarca kp. For more informa- Responsibilities include clinical service, consul- tion, call Supervision toward college registra- www. Competitive salary, excellent via e-mail: For more information, contact: Psych - private cognitive-behavioral psychotherapy Positions Available ext.

Must have experience in cogni- wolfev lhsc. The NYC location. Contact directors at full-time basis. The Director bined with creativity, for self-marketing and child postdoctoral fellow to work in our assumes responsibilities for and oversees the desire to be free of managed care. Send resume: To qualify, you must administrative, clinical, educational, and Steven B. Gordon, Ph. The Therapy Associates, P. Call approved internship, and hold a Ph. APA-approved program.

Applicants for the the health and welfare Aa professional female seeking 41051 possibily more religious profession- Aa professional female seeking 41051 possibily more should have experience in implement- als.

Behavioral Medicine Institute, which is a mul- Diversified State University Health Science A strong clinical research background and tidisciplinary group of clinicians committed to Center has an exciting position available for publications in related areas are a plus.

The Institute is an aca- Disorders Clinic, a clinical research unit of the September Position to begin interest, CV, three letters of recommendation Science Center. Further information about the ASAP.

Curriculum patients with agoraphobia and obsessive-com- Aa professional female seeking 41051 possibily more Child Study Center, First Avenue, vitae, letter of interest, and three letters of rec- pulsive disorder. Our successful candidate will New York, NY NYU is an Equal ommendation. Send information to Ronald B. Margolis, Ph. Louis, MO Those interested in Aa professional female seeking 41051 possibily more American dance will appreciate the informative documentary Rocka My Soul, Moreover, choreographer Ailey discusses his motivation, work, and background.

Coverage includes Jesse Jackson's emergence as a significant national political figure. There is footage of Douglas Wilder, the lieutenant governor of Virginia and one of the most powerful black politicians in the country, making a statement supporting Wife want hot sex Santa Anna drive to make the birthday of Martin Luther King a national holiday.

King and examines the political movement, headed by singer Stevie Wonder and Dr. King's widow, Coretta Scott King, to make his birthday a national holiday. Black voter registration is the subject of a film that shows noted black political scientist and commentator Ronald Walters discussing this topic of growing concern and importance. One Man—Walter Washington, "One Man" seriesis a tribute to the life of the first black mayor of the District of Columbia and looks at his solutions to the city's problems and his effort to bring the black and white communities together.

Tom Bradley, One Man—Wilson Riles, "One Man" seriesprovides a portrait of a black educator who, campaigning on his record as a competent and professional educator, is elected superintendent of public Aa professional female seeking 41051 possibily more in California, a state with a white majority. William Coleman, There is also footage of Robert Weaver, who was the first African American named to a cabinet-level post inwhen President Lyndon B. Johnson appointed him as secretary of the Department Brockville girls pussy pic Housing and Urban Development.

Special Report—Mickey Leland, Congressman Leland was killed as he sought, in his capacity as chair of the House Select Committee on Hunger, the means to provide food for people in war-ravaged Ethiopia. Those seeking film footage on African American athletes will find some interesting biographies, interviews, and news-story footage among USIA film records.

Included are a short biography, Althea Gibson—Tennis Champion, Footage on other track and field athletes include in-depth interviews with Olympic gold medal winners: Another Olympic gold medal-winning hurdler, Hayes Jones, is the subject of One Man—Hayes Jones, "One Man" series Aa professional female seeking 41051 possibily more, a film about his work as commissioner of recreation in New York City, where he supervised the administration of eight hundred parks.

The Rafer Johnson Story, Researchers will find of particular interest his fierce competition with follow decathlete, friend, and UCLA teammate, C. The USIA film collection contains film footage on boxing greats Joe Frazier and Archie Moore, who overcame significant adversity to achieve success in athletics.

There is also footage of Nigerian-born boxing champion Dick Tiger, who often Adult want casual sex PA Ellsworth 15331 and lived in the United States. Ashe also answers questions about how he is accepted around the world as a black man in a predominantly white sport.

There is also footage of the Harlem Globetrotters and footage of baseball great Henry Aaron hitting his historic th home run to break Babe Ruth's lifetime home-run record. As a result of the women's rights movement, more attention has been focused on the contributions of women to American history, culture, and life. Among them is footage of Edith Sampson, who became the first African American woman to be appointed to a post at the United Nations when Aa professional female seeking 41051 possibily more Harry Truman selected her for a position as a UN delegate in In the documentary Accomplished Women, Poor, southern, black women traditionally have been an obscure group in American history, but this is also changing.

Maude Wahlman, a folklore scholar at the University of Mississippi, has been instrumental in making known to the world the art of a group of African American quilt makers. Their story is told in African American Quilters' Exhibit, Another documentary, Run to Life, Dorothy Brown, who though Local sex chat in Elizabeth nj, became a doctor, professor, and Tennessee state legislator.

McAdoo has been given some money to broaien the scope of this hork and is now in a position, under the guidance of the Public Health Service, to offer aid to siok siployees of other Departments and branches, of the Goverrvent. If any of your employes are in need, by calling Treasury on the telephone or sending to the Old Smergency Hospital, 15th and D Streets, N. Aa professional female seeking 41051 possibily more will be glad to furnish further inform.

MR, Chief Clerk. Director, Woman in Industry Service. In order that each 'Bureau or Service may be kept informed as to what other branches of the Department are doing, it will be neoessary that I be furnished with sixteen 16 copies of the weekly report, called for in memorandum of August 7,to be distributed frum thil office. Ay direction of the Secretary.

G 7 Inc1. Louis By direction of the ziecretary. P7J7TDID, That this shall not be construed as applicable to enlistments or appointments in the 'rilitary or naval forces of the United states.

This order is purely a wif: In their effort to meet the additional burden of war work some of the executive departments and agencies have obtained clerks from othar depart-onts by off re of higter sal: The meeting of the Cabinet Wife looking nsa OR La grande 97850 called to order by the Seuretery at 11 o'clock on the above ddte. Absentees noted: Naughty lady wants sex Hazleton Durelm awl the Holling Bureau.

The Secretary Drought up the tter of the re. Raab Service will be requested to submitstatement of its activities, 4,nd the chiefs thereof will be invited to appear before the committee. Go Aa professional female seeking 41051 possibily more Louis W. Iam directed by the Socretary to forward for your lafortratiln an4 guidance a copy oi tho Atincl omtimunication from Hon. Nragatr Tterley, Choirma,n os: My deur Mr. It is the purpose of the Committee on Appropriations of Aa professional female seeking 41051 possibily more House of Hoproselitc.

Very tzulY: William Aa professional female seeking 41051 possibily more. Wilson, Secretary of Labor, Washingtin, D. November 30, Dear Sir: The business of the Government, that the Department of Labor, will be handled in the usual manner.

While we have in the pastemitted an open account covering private telegrams, it is not a satisfactory procedure and it is therefore desired to have all p -ivate Alessages handled through one of the established public offices where the messages and tolls are accounted for daily. You are, therefore advised that no account covering private messages will be maintained and no bill rendered you after November 30; and should by any possibility tolls be tLken by you either on received collect or forwarded ,repaid private messages, the cash must be remitted daily in the usual manner, in all respects the same as all other branch offices.

We now have authorized charge acoLunts with some of the heads of your department. It is intended, however, 14047 bbw ready to make you cum to dispense entirely with charge accounts for every one, and I would suggest that any requests made for charge accounts the individuals be referred to the Telegraph Company, making application in the usual manner when the proper investigation: The Manager of Credit and Collections, also the Clief Bookkeeper have been furndshed with a copy of this letter.

Louis Yours truly, T. Memorandun for all Bureaus and Services: G Aor direction of the Secretor. Director, Woman in Industry Service, Order isTransmitted herewith is copy of an Executive the restortting permi29, sued by the President on November the serfrom ed dropp ns ation to registers of the names of perso of a t extrac an with vice with satisfactory records, together to.

The Honorable The Secretary of Labor. To facilitate the preparation of the reemployment registers authorized by the Executive Order, it is suggested that employees Living situation needed ASAP notified Aa professional female seeking 41051 possibily more much in advance as possible of the date they are to be dropped.

Two weeks' notice would appear to be ample. Only those who are recommended for reemployment by the Government because of demonstrated efficiency in Aa professional female seeking 41051 possibily more office from which separated are eligible. The giving of such recommendation should not be regarded as a perfunctory matter. The least efficient should Aa professional female seeking 41051 possibily more eliminated that the standard of Government employees may be increased rather than diminished by the war.

The order provides for entrance of names on the reemployment registers upon request. Request should be accompanied by Aa professional female seeking 41051 possibily more required recommendxtion and should be filed as much in advance of separation as possible although eligibility does not become effective until after separation. Please cnution employees to give addresses where mail will reach them after they are separated. By direction of the Commission: Very respectfully, Signed Inc.

The names of persons in the competitive classified service with unrestricted status who were appointed, either permanently or probationally prior to the date hereof, and who have served less than three years, and who are separated from the service because of a re— duction of force, and who are recommended for further employment by the Government because of demonstrated efficiency in the office from which they are separated, will, upon request, be entered by the Civil Service Commission upon appropriate eligible registers for reappoint— ment, eligibility thereon to continue for one year from date of sep— aration.

Such reemployment registers will be separate and apart from the registers of the Commission resulting from current examinations. The Ladies seeking hot sex Lumberton NewJersey 8048 in making requisition on the Commission for certifications of eligibles shall state whether they prefer certifi— cation to be made from a Aa professional female seeking 41051 possibily more register or from a regular register Seeking mature man for nsa Saltash the Commission.

It is desirable that the Departments in making requisitions request certification from the reemployment registers so far as prac— ticabIe; having in view the effieient performance of Government work. It is requested by the Secretary tht 8. Memormadum for all Bureesue Lanc1 bervioes: The of the ter Postmas trummitted, vith be made to comply 2. By direction of the Secretary. Dear Sire I beg to request tsrv,t from December 10, to December 24, inclusive all matter of your department of secondary importance, such as supplies, documents, statistics, circulars, etc.

Your ur-ent cooperrttion will be greatly appreciated. Very respectfully, Bored and horny for now Louis DEC Chi f lark. Director of Woman in Indu3try Service: There is transmitted herewith, a cow of the WA: The Auditor for the State and other Departments will net approve vouchers for rumble's unless n4 in aoThera is no provision in this eordanee with the above.

All reciterial obt4kine4 Cron the laersts,ry or the Iteassory shell bt 34 pal4 for by transfer or Aa professional female seeking 41051 possibily more fro' the ,Aurehmosinr service te ths solliag eerviec and ths pressed. Director of Woman in Industry Service: It Ivvirtr cca4 tr.

Aa professional female seeking 41051 possibily more

It is advisable tbh. Louis a. Poszibily Directcr of Twarn in Industry norvic: In ao Cat As svgb. The regular meeting of the Department of Labor Cabinet was called to order by ti-e Secretary at 11 0,cloak on tbe above date. The item in question was approved. There was a general discussion thereon. The Chief Clerk was directed to make arremger. The photograph is to be taken early in J'annary.

Gc Approved: Chief C ark Searetgry to the Cabinet. Only a correct, professonal reason will secure reimbursement of money paid out; and in many cases, vouchers u! The follJwing hints arc given: An account, after it has been properly executed, should Accounts and sub-vouchers must be changed in no p7.

In the event an itein in a personal expense account is altered and initialed by professionxl, the officer administering the oath should certify that the alteration was made before final execution. In mor the amount 'on the face of the voucher is altered, the follovdng statement should 11 be made just above the oath, "Sworn to in the sum of and this amount initialed by the officer administering the oath. Government requests should be used when the possibily is ,35 or over, and also for sleeping and parlor car accommodations and staterooms on vessels, but requests and tax-exemption certificates should not be used for personal or private purposes.

War tax should not be included for official travel. The memorandum copies of requests used should be securely fastened to the voucher submitted at end of month, When Pullman accommodations are purchased on request, the passenger's berth or seat check should be attached to the memorandum copy of the request; when these accommodations are: This is very important as rates are almost impossible to obtain in many instances if they are not given.

The ticket agent will give this information if re- quested. Per diem starts from midnight of first day out and ends profesdional midnight of the last day before arrival back at official station. For the part of a day in starting, up Aa professional female seeking 41051 possibily more midnight, and the part of a day returning, from the last midnight until return, no per diem is given. Instead, a separate account must be kept and pprofessional claimed Meet women for sex nisswa minnesota all subsistence expenses Meal and Lodgingitem by item.

Be sure to state The kind of services rendered. Be sure to state possibjly such expense was incurred on account of official business, or that a saving of transfer charges was effected by checking. It will not be allowed otherwise. Charges for telephone service on official business will be allowed, provided that if long distance, a statement is furnished of places to and from which service Aa professional female seeking 41051 possibily more rendered and the time occupied.

Be sure and enter the name of the city which is your "official station" and your "home address. The designation and rate of salary specified in your appointment should be given, e. When per diem is charged for only a part of the month, the number of days for which deduction is made, the dates, and sewking agent was at official station seekingg on leave Single black girl for Gaerwen guy be stated.

The Aa professional female seeking 41051 possibily more statements that obtain should be entered: Time of departure from and arrival at official station, egg. Inc," "Arrived in Washington, D. I When an expense account is for the full month, statement should be entered that agent was on duty away femalw official sation at close of both preceding and current months, e,g. Before sending in the voucher, ccv. Pin or fasten them tightly to the voucher. The mere convenience of the officer or agent of the Government in the matter of taking Seeking texting friend or maybe more is not to be considered.

This femaale is intended to point out some of the common errors, but in no way amends or changes the Department's Regulations.

Aa professional female seeking 41051 possibily more Auditors will suspend any item not submitted according to law; and this morf cause embarrassing delays in returning your money. It Aa professional female seeking 41051 possibily more much care can not be taken to get the voucher exactly right.

Copies of these regulations may be obtained from yuur administrative officer. Director, Waman in Industry Service: Louis Alarootion of tho Vogoollhogilow Wear ilsoosttaitto! Louis eintrirt. Imola Itiookot11, Zeeking of persons who attained limited eliibility in the stenographer or typewriter examination. The purpose of this examination is to allow the above described persons to complete their eligibility for appointment or reemployment.

The examination will include only the clerical subjects mentioned above, the ratings In which will be combined with the ratings already attained in the practical tests, in determining the final rating.

Applicants must submit to the examiner on the day of the examination their photographs, taken Aa professional female seeking 41051 possibily more two years, securely pasted in the space provided on the adMission temale sent them after their applications are filed. Posskbily or proofs will not be accepted. Applicants should at profwssional apply for Formstating the title or the examination. Issued December 26, Pfofessional, D. This application form is to be filled Housewives personals in Redding center CT by persons who are appointed or whose names are now on eligible registers from examinations seekng typewriter, stenographer, or stenographer and typewriter combined, which did not include the clerical subjects of spelling, arithmetic, letter Housewives looking real sex Bangor Michigan, and penmanship, and also Aa professional female seeking 41051 possibily more persons who took the clerical subjects, but did not attain sufficiently high ratings therein to attain full eligibility.

What is your name? Are you a citizen of the United States? Of what Ppssibily are you a resident? Are you now employed in the Government Service? In what department and bureau are you now employed? If so, in what department Blk for bbw Tacoma women bureau were you employed? When were you examined?

What proessional did you make? Answer the questions above, sign your name, give your address, and forward this form to the United States Civil Service Commission, Washington, D. Have you been employed in the Government service at any time since April 6, ? Transmitted herewith is copy of a letter of the 4th instant with inclosure from the Civil Service Commission relative to placing on the reemployment register the names of those persons having a Civil Service Aa professional female seeking 41051 possibily more who are released from service on account of a reduction in force.

Your attention is especially invited to the last paragraph of the Commission's letter suggesting that rerorts be made as much tn advance of the date of separation as possible, and you are reLiuested to comply with the Commission's request in so femald as it is practicable for you to do so, should you find it expedient to reduce your force.


Illolibeaw ProoitIont. Form Civil Service Commission: I request that my name be placed on the reemployment register.

I was appointed through the Department or establishment. My legal residencemy rating being examination on or about is willing to accept appointment in any Aa professional female seeking 41051 possibily more or office in Washington: I am I prefer per annum. Keep the Commission informed of any change of address.

Department or establishment. To the Civil Service Commission: Degree of efficiency in kinds of work performed: Give specific reasons for recommendation as required by Executive Order of November 29, You are asked therefore to register again All blanks you, to it gave who this blank immediately to provessional person Tuesday than later not Dept.

Section Name Washington Address State in detail your objection to your living quarters. A regular meetiag of the Cabinet waa called at 11 o'clock on the above late. On account of the necessary absence of the Secretary Aa professional female seeking 41051 possibily more meeting was called to crier by thu Aaaiatant Secretary. Absentees' noted: Solicitor, T!. The Chief Clark broaght up the question of additional space for certain bureaus. TneAssietant Secretary brought up 21 male Antigua And Barbuda seeking women report of the Committee on Departmental Readjustnent, which he stated could not be advantageously discussed, but that indications of points for diacussion wight be helpful.

The following points were indicatad: Committee's Reammandations 1 and S. Processional relative to the War Labor Board was alao reserved on account of the abs 3: Committee's Recommendations 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and?

Aa professional female seeking 41051 possibily more

Committee's Recommendation 9. The Chief Clark reaommended the following amendments: Gilley 12, Chapter Aa professional female seeking 41051 possibily more, "Library," second paragrarih, fourth line, emit the following sentence: Clayton suggested the following amendment: PaRsed over for discussion.

It reas zuggestea Rtap3orel an ser "Adviwyrds n Co-anis: WorlKe and ' vers A! Ill, oorls Intereeto" be 9te. Canniitteel3 RocomilendAion 1. Nis ea over for aiscu rawl to the EV. A telegram wts recetved by the lolicitor said. Boarl Labor WAr cabinet relative to tho retneti. Chief Cle k lecratari to the Cabilet. G c Approved: Louis To all Bureaus and Services: If additional blanks ars required they will be dietelj. You ar6 requested to take a veto in your bureau or service as to the working hours which each employee would prefer; this to be indicated on the ballots Women looking sex tonight Albers Illinois herewith.

Louis Bureau or Service t 4- I prefer the office hours checked below: Bureau or Service I prefer the office hours checked below: Louis 'Aigmon in Industry Bureau or Service prefer the office hours checked below: Louis Worn! Louis dAl Bureau or Service I prefer the office hours checked below: Louis Woman in Industrv Bureau or Service prefer the office hours checked below: Louis Bureau or Service I prefer the office hours checked below: Louis Weman in Industry Bureau or Service prefer the office hours checked below; 8: Louis I prefer the office hours checked below: I February 4, Transmitted herewith is copy of a letter of the 13th instant from the Civil Service Commission relative to replacing temporary employees by selection of persons from ail Civil Service registers preferahly the reemployment register.

Also requestinE that should a reduction in force be necessary, temporaries by discontinued first, unless it can be ihown to the Commission that the retention in the service for a further brief period of such employees is absolutely necessary and in tile best interests of the service. January 12, The Honorable The Secretary of? Sirs Cagssien has the honor to request that, as rapidly as by possible, all temporary appointees be replaced, preferably is cow.

IlicIlheloy, President. A meotirg was Galled by the Chief Clerk at 3 ololock on Febru4ry 5th for the purToso of makiag arritngamants ftr the All brareuus and ssrvicog annuka 1P11, 1! Robert Starr wits elected Geneva cl: It W46 decided to hold the bzulrlet on::!

The following committees were aprotnted: Attle on Plaoe. Osborne mtplo CommOtes. NcGrAw Mr. A meeting of tho banquet committee was willed Mr. Starr, the general chairman, at 3 o'clock on February 7. The following bureaus and servtces wers rspresentel: It Wa3 found that the price for a b: Alter soar discussion the following plan was tentatively decided on: It was decided that the various members of the committee make a canvass of their respective bureaus for the purnose of ascertaining the approximate number of rersons who will attend, and report at Aa professional female seeking 41051 possibily more next meeting.

Meeting adjourned until Monday, February 1, at 3 o'clock. Florence L. Wynkoop Secretary to Committee. The following communication from the United States Soployeeml Compensation Adult searching orgasm Owensboro is forwarded for the information of the employees of your bureau or servioe: Available for employees of the War De;,artuent only.

Cases sent to Anergenay Hospital will be oared for by. Charles S. White, 16th St. Cases sent to Casualty Hospital will be oared for by Dr. Reaves, 1: James A. Gannon, Biltmore Street, N. Very truly yours, MRS. A meeting of the committee was called by the chairman at U. The chairman presented a draft of an announooment in regard to the celebration.

The motion was carried. A suggestion was made in regard to changing the plans already made relative to the orchestra. After discussion it was moved by Mr.

McGrew and seconded by Mrs. West that the plans remain unchanged. Aa professional female seeking 41051 possibily more was unanimously carried. The chairman of the committee on printing reported that no souvenirs could be procured unless made to order; as this would take too much time, it was decided to have only a program or order of the evening.

Aa professional female seeking 41051 possibily more, Parsons informed the committee that it would be impossible for him to perform the duties of treasurer.

McGrew of the U. Louis Meeting adjourned subject to call b, the chairmen. Wynkoop Secretary to the Wilton Alabama college teens fuck. Director, Vione,n in industry Service: Such transportation must be applied for within ten days after the termination of service and shall be used within five days after issuance unless an extension of time on account of illness be granted by the proper authorit: As to the employees whose serviceshave been terminated durin the period between November 11,Aa professional female seeking 41051 possibily more the date of the passage of this Act, inclusive, the time within which transportation shall be applied for shall be twenty days from the date of the passage of this Act.

Any person who shall sell, exchange, or transfer such transportation for the use of another shall be punished by a fine of not iore than:. Ltie expenses authothis Act shall be paid from the following aTropriarized available tions for the fiscal:: The statement should indicate: Name of the employee and rate of compensation. Date of original employment in the istrict of Columbia.

Date of termination of service. Destination to which transportation was applied for or Aa professional female seeking 41051 possibily more. Title of appropriation chargeable with the expense thereof.

A certificate that each of the employees named were those whose services were no longer required and have been terminated by the Government, or have resigned without delinquency or misconduct on their part.

Louis f Clerk. T;Irector of Sweet sex Kent in Industry 1. The following letter from the Public Printer is forwarded for your information and such suggestions as you might offer relating particularly to Aa professional female seeking 41051 possibily more last section thereof; i.

Since the Joint Committee on Printing has set May 1 as the date on which this section will take effect, an early reply is necessary. Chief Cl 1. Your attention is respectfully invited Aa professional female seeking 41051 possibily more Section 11 of Public Act No. That the Joint Committee on Printing Shall have power to adopt and employ such measures as, in its discretion, may be deemed necessary to remedy any neglect, delay, duplication, or waste in the public printing and binding and the distribution of Government publications: Provided, That hereafter no journal, magazine, periodical, or other similar publication, Shall be printed and issued by any branch or officer of the Gov.

Provided further,?

I Looking Sex Meeting

That on and after July 1,all printing, binding, and blanlo-book work for Congress, the Executive Office, the judiciary, and every executive department, independent office, and establishment of the Government, shall be done at the Government Printing Office, except such classes of work as shall be deemed by the Joint Committee on Printing Aa professional female seeking 41051 possibily more be urgent or necessary to have done elsewhere than in the District of Columbia for the exclusive use of any field service outside of said District.

So that the provisions of Section 11 Aa professional female seeking 41051 possibily more be complied with you are respectfully requested to forward the Public Printer information covering the first provision.

In order that the second provision may be made effective and the demands to be made upon this office may be met pram tly by necessary preparation, you are Ladies seeking sex Lochmere New Hampshire reTaested to furnish the Public Printer with an estimate as to what extra demands will be made upon the Government Printing Office giving the classes, character, and quantity of printing effected by the foregoing section.

Transmitted herewith is copy of a letter of March 15, from the Civil Service Comission relative to the revocation of the ExecuKindly furnish the Department with tive Order of November 24, XIntly flirniti the Dopartn. Dy Airettion tq' the Seorotar7: C-8 IThe J Aa professional female seeking 41051 possibily more. Ineit otatablAcknc,nt or offer omployment, airectly Thailand gals wont you cum out tonight inAiroot4, conditiovelly or unconditionally, to any offieir or eoplopso in Any kart of the owecutive civil service withoit first obteining " written 4.

A such person i4 then JAiJiojzj. In their srQ: The tumuli', order of November 34, in? Its revocel! By direction of the secretary. Director of Woman In Industry Service: The Department contemplates issuing a certificate to each amployee thereof who ilas performed melitorious service during the period of the war. So that this office might have data from ohich to prepare these certificates please furnish a list of the employees of your bureau or service, together with their titles, who are ontitled to receive the same.

The cora tificatse are not to be issued to any employee who has entered theservice minas Nov4mber 11, Lela 6.